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We can supply RoHS Compliant Parts

Supply Chain Management

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

In-house Mainframe/PC Networks with in-house programmers

Dynamic weekly inventory forecasting - Analyze your MRP Reports

Internet Enabled

QC Department: 3 full time employees, 100% inspection

Electronic Receiving

Samples / Prototypes

Design Reviews

Full Data Storage

Computers: Computer file transfers and file formatting, Usage reports

Technical Support

Custom Packaging / Labeling

Barcode: Code 3 of 9 ( 39) most popular - Others available on request

Customized Labels: With barcoding and company logos

Scanners: In house printers and readers - Telxon readers and Citoh thermal printers - Variable size labels

Arnold Fleet: For local deliveries


P.O. Box 289   Canton, MA   02021-0289
Tel. (781) 828-4343    Fax (781) 828-4050     sales@arnold-ind.com