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Arnold Industries is ISO Certified.
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Beginning as an industrial fastener specialist in 1968, Arnold Industries has grown to include fasteners, mechanical components, and electronic hardware. Arnold's hallmark has always been quality and service, and our worldwide customers depend on it. As an authorized distributor for a broad range of leading manufacturers, we stock more than 70,350 various line items in our 3 locations. (You can view directions to our Shawmut Rd. location here.)

Over the years we have pioneered the development of innovative inventory management systems customized to meet the customers need. The results are streamlined production flow ... seamless integration with existing systems... and significant total cost savings. Our staff of highly-trained, motivated professionals are dedicated to excellence. Our success lies not in technology alone, but in our ability to manage resources.

In late 2016, Arnold Industries was acquired by Bossard. Arnold Industries enjoys a proud history of continuous growth and stability. Arnold is built on a solid foundation of experience, expertise, and excellence.

We believe top quality products and outstanding service are the foundation to a strong working relationship. Our goal is not merely to keep pace with the industry today, but to anticipate what the industry will require tomorrow, next year, and into the next decade. Currently, Arnold services nine out of the top ten electronic outsourcing subcontractors.

As creative problem solvers, we are poised, ready, and welcome the challenges ahead. We are confident in our role as a key industry leader, and will continue to develop our programs, our "partnerships", and our growth strategies.


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